Occupational Health

Occupational Health

| May 10

Understand the Process and Benefits of Drug Testing Your Workforce

Regardless of industry, there is one thing that all successful companies and […]

Occupational Health

| May 5

Pre-Employment Drug Screening: What Employers Need to Know

According to a recent SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) study, 57 […]

Occupational Health

| May 4

Medical Review Officer. Responsibilities Within Drug Screening Process

The role of a Medical Review Officer (MRO) is an incredibly important […]

Occupational Health

| Apr 26

Pre-Employment Physicals: Keep Your Workforce Healthy and Productive

Pre-employment physicals help you screen potential employees and determine if they’re physically […]

Occupational Health

| Apr 24

Drug Screening for Employers: Hair Drug Testing

Drug testing your employees can discourage substance abuse among your workforce, leading […]

Occupational Health

| Apr 21

Drug Screening for Employers: Urine Drug Testing

Drug testing your employees can have multiple benefits. By administering drug tests, […]