"Origin makes hiring easier, by offering Graded Background checks."

| Why

Origin does not just sell you software to perform a background check and just walk away!  That’s not how it works.  We start by educating and training our clients on what a background check details.  This allows Origin Background Checks to customize the appropriate screening criteria and employment verification for your workforce.  


| Graded Background Checks

What is a graded background check?

A graded background check simply allows your Origin background screening researcher to adjudicate background check reports, with a "Pass" or "Fail", based on your companies predefined criteria. For example, let’s say you are looking to hire a craft worker for your construction job site. Your company policy allows you to hire workers who have misdemeanors on his or her record, but you cannot hire a worker with any gross felonies. In this case, if a record came up with a misdemeanor, your Origin background researcher would mark this craft workers background check as a "Pass", saving your recruiters time. Once your screening criteria is passed, this may be easily printed and/or digitally tracked with your employee badge.

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Comprehensive Employment Screening

  • National Criminal Data Base Search
  • National Sex Offender
  • Terrorist Watch
  • Social Security Number (SSN) Trace
  • County Courthouse Criminal Record Search
  • Civil County Courthouse Search
  • Federal Criminal Records Search
  • State Criminal Search
  • And More...
  • International Criminal Search
  • Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) Search
  • Employee Work History Verification
  • Reference Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Health Care Sanctions (OIG)
  • Pre-Adverse / Post-Adverse Action
  • i9 Verification
  • And More...

| Advantage

The OriginONE platform comes pre-integrated with our suite of HR, Occupational Health, & Workforce Management applications to make your recruiter’s workflow much easier.  No more searching for information between your Applicant Tracking System, Employee Onboarding System, and Background screening reports.  

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| Compliance

Unparalleled Compliance Expertise.

Origin’s compliance team takes the guesswork out of FCRA-related issues and monitor the regulatory
landscape for changes that might affect you or your customers
Employee Rights.

Misuse of personal, sensitive information for hiring decisions can lead to illegal and discriminatory hiring practices
The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is just one of many laws used to protect employees against injustices in hiring.

FCRA-compliant consumer reporting agencies provide the processes for notifying a candidate when a background check
uncovers adverse information. Our process includes a built-in opportunity for candidates to dispute the information.

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"Finally, Background Screening Software with an integrated Applicant Tracking System and built in Employee onboarding tools.”

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